Team SaltCycle + Snēk Cycling

Super exciting announcement! Salt Lake City based & manufactured Snēk Cycling is partnering with Team SaltCycle for the next two seasons! Snēk Cycling is a brand based upon stylish, simple, and authentic cycling goods. Products born from ideas conjured up during actual rides. Rides as short as the commute to work, and as long as the weekend getaway.

Team SaltCycle racers will enjoy 50% off Snēk Cycling goods while the club ranks will receive a 30% off discount!

Take a look at Snēk’s current catalog:

We’re super excited to be partnering with an up and coming local cycling brand from right here in Salt Lake City!

Emails with discount information will be sent soon. If you’re not on the team’s email lists, or unsure, send the team an email and we’ll get it sort it out.

And yes… There is more to come!