Kestrel: Wellness Together provides three essential components of wellness: Personal primary care, peer mentoring,and a network of community experts on a membership subscription model. As a membership-based on-site/mobile clinical program, Kestrel improves: quality and access to health care, personalized attention, ongoing and on-demand clinical support. Kestrel’s focus on community and wellness matches Team SaltCycle’s goals of fostering both of those objectives through cycling.


logoEste Pizza Co. Sugar House is a local, family owned and operated restaurant. Este Pizza Co. takes pride in serving food made with quality ingredients and lots of love. Customers are very important to us and we always strive to make sure they leave here satisfied with the experience given to them! This is the best NYC Style Pizza around Salt Lake City!


Trek Bicycle Salt Lake City Downtown began as Salt Lake City Bike Co. in 2008 and remains thepremier bike shop in downtown SLC. Located at the heart of America’s cycling mecca, the surrounding area features some of the most well-known and revered mountain bike trails in the world, in addition to endless miles of scenic road riding.


Snēk Cycling is a brand based upon stylish, simple, and authentic cycling goods. Products born from ideas conjured up during actual rides. Rides as short as the commute to work, and as long as the weekend getaway. Never over thought, but stringent on detail. Brought together by years of cycling experience with a tenacious drive to hand-pick, high-quality materials.


Mercury Wheels is based in Ogden, Utah and prides themselves on designing the fastest, most reliable and stiffest wheel set. Mercury Wheels places a strong emphasis on researching, developing and testing new materials to lighten and make their wheels stronger.



GU for it. This playful phrase is part of our identity here at GU and embraced by the community of athletes we serve. It represents the competitive yet spirited soul of GU, a place where we push ourselves and each other in our work and play, all while knowing that the joy is in the pursuit, not the finish line.

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