Kestrel: Wellness Together

Team SaltCycle is excited to announce a new title sponsor for the 2018-2019 seasons! Kestrel: Wellness Together is jumping on board to become SaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness. Even more exciting is that Kestrel is our very own Rick Henriksen’s medical practice.

Kestrel provides three essential components of wellness: Personal primary care, peer mentoring,and a network of community experts on a membership subscription model. As a membership-based on-site/mobile clinical program, Kestrel improves: quality and access to health care, personalized attention, ongoing and on-demand clinical support.

Kestrel’s focus on community and wellness matches Team SaltCycle’s goals of fostering both of those objectives through cycling.

This is super exciting and we’re excited for the support of Rick and Kestrel: Wellness Together for Team SaltCycle!