Gear Rush

We believe in gear, and the rush it gives us.  Gear gets us out in the hills, on the trails, roads or wherever else we escape to.  Gear is sacred because it gives us the means to play, to release, and escape the daily grind.   We believe that no usable gear should be thrown out or neglected, it should be enjoyed by a new user.

Gear Rush serves as an outlet for the cycling and outdoor community to turn over their no longer needed equipment.  We operate an outdoor gear consignment business that specializes in making it easy for anyone to sell their goods, and receive top dollar. Turn your outdoor clothing and equipment into the cash needed to stockpile more gear. It’s a never-ending cycle!  As dedicated cyclists, skiers, mountaineers, and fellow gear junkies, we understand the need for good gear and strive to provide a valued service that helps you meet your gear needs.

In our experience, everyone has unused gear lying around that can easily be recycled and enjoyed by a new user. With a Gear Rush account it’s easy to recycle gear into cash! Businesses and manufacturers also find it very convenient for turning over old inventory, samples, and demos. We are currently in a growth process and in the future look to support local events, place convenient drop off centers at events, pick up in surrounding towns, and continue to add additional services.